2016 Spring - Summer



Shady beaches at the shores of endless coasts... Coffee, sand and tannish colors bring chillness to bright colors with gray and off-white hues.
Crepe dresses, skirts, trousers and jackets ideal for businesswomen with contrast binding details
Flower figures and stripes with graphic patterns
Sparkling chanel suits with accessories
Cotton-mixed natural fabrics
Natural-looking fibrous accessories and wooden buttons
Embroidered trenchcoats


This theme offers both elegant and casual pieces on the eve of summer heats. All hues of orange, outstanding colors of the season, are used with transitions from light to dark. It features an assertive woman when combined with bougainvillea colors
Elegant ornaments on ethnic embroideries and prints
Modern cut maxi dresses and chic casual dresses
Stripe patterns accompany flower and paisley patterns
Kimonos, loose trousers and casual shorts
Mini cocktail dresses and evening dresses out of chiffon, crepe and satin fabric


This theme contains all tones of sea from the depths of an ocean to the foams coming ashore. Details unite all hues of blue; ocean, sea and foams with pearl white and contrast sponge pink in the depths of ocean. This theme shines out with its free and casual cuts eluding the rush of life.
Blouses and tunics with blue-white stripe patterns of marine concept
Crisp and clean maxi dresses and skirts
Cotton voiles and viscose
Thin mercerized tricots
Prints reminding graphical waves
Groups out of denim-looking natural fabrics
Crude fiber-looking accessories and embroideries


The women wearing the clothes in this theme feel free, comfortable and elegant as if they are walking around flower gardens in the midst of intense working pace. The most trendy color of the season, peony is combined with sprig, mimosa and chamomile white.
Bicolored flower printed and embroidered dresses
Cotton lace details
Linen-mixed viscose blouses
Chamomile-pattern jacquard suits
Printed, embroidered and inlaid sweatshirts
Savior, plain and stylish.

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